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The Auctionist allows only selected sellers, whether retailers, distributors, manufacturers, art galleries, artists, designers and private collectors with products certification to reach an audience of hundreds of millions of buyers from different countries located in Southeast Asia. Our expert curation results in fast sales, with over two thirds of the special objects in auction selling in just 7 to 10 days. Once the object is sold, our payment providers will handle all payments in a safe and secure manner.

Selling with us

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    Create an Account for free

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    Contact the Auctionist Team with credentials of your business

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    The Auctionist will verify your credentials and give you access to the submission clearance forms

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    Submit your objects online for reviews and screening

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    Get an expert screening

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    Watch the bids come in

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    Prepare to ship the object to its new home



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We are committed to the success of our sellers with dedicated account managers, experts and customer experience specialists on hand.
Happy sale and broad your distribution and awareness audience.

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Confidently Sell Online

  •  Global Audience of Qualified Customers

    Reach millions of discerning collectors, sophisticated customers, and top interior designers around the world.

  •  Competitive Shipping & Logistics

    Our scale allows us to provide competitive rates worldwide. We also help you to handle logistics, saving you valuable time.

  •  Guaranteed, Risk-Free Transactions

    Our fraud and chargeback protection helps ensure safe online transactions and reduces risk for your business.

  •  Support Services

    Our team is here to support you throughout the selling process and dispute resolution.

  •  Robust Toolset

    We provide the tools you need to grow a successful online business, keep you organized, and optimize your offering.

  •  Success Guidance

    Expert coaching and resources to allow you to optimize your business on The Auctionist.

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