Buying @ The Auctionist

1. What makes buying through The Auctionist safe and secure?

Your payment will run through a very secure method of payment. We will ask the buyer to pay for the lot within three days after the auction on a secure account. Once payment is done and confirmed reception, we will then inform the seller that the buyer has transferred the payment and ask him to ship the lot.

If there are any issues with the order you received, the Buyer will immediately inform us after delivery. Please be aware that after 2 days upon reception, your payment will be sent to the seller and we can no longer open a claim on your behalf.

2. Where do the lots come from? 

@ The Auctionist we have made the sourcing for you and got in contact with some of the most talented and craftmanship artisans, companies and artists. Most items are from well established companies so that quality is assured. Some products are from EU designers & others from USA but most of them produced in Southeast Asia by certified Companies with decades of know how. We have put together curated collections based on the lots presented by the sellers and curated by our experts.

All lots have very extensive description to make your choice a more informed one.

The Auctionist Marketplace only provides the platform used to run the auction. The Seller of the lot remains fully responsible for the products to be delivered but rest assured all sellers are renowned companies and artists already reputable in the field and very reliable. We only curate amongst the best.

3. How we chose our Curators? 

Our Experts have different curriculums and backgrounds. Culturally diverse but all with one thing in common, they are the best in their domain. They are passioned by their line of expertise and know their subject. These professionals have years of experience and knowledge and have studied in the best Universities worldwide in their line of Business. They are truly specialised in their fields.

Click on Experts to find out more.

4. What does it mean estimations? 

Estimations are mentioned in certain lots detail page, and it is referred to the range that our expert believes that the lot will sell for or market value. Some lots do not have an expert’s estimate. The range mentioned is merely an indication and offers no guarantees as to a lot’s actual selling price.

Also these estimates are not reference to the reserve price (minimum selling price) set for a lot by the seller. The reserve price is a hidden minimum amount that the seller is willing to sell their lot for.

5. Who offers up the lots? 

You buy the lot from a reputable seller which in our case are mainly well-known companies. Some of the lots have brands indicated in the lot’s description page, others are international brands manufactured in the region, but the sellers prefer not to reference the brand name for property rights exclusives. All products are very high-end products, and the quality is the best. The Auctionist only provides the platform used to run the auction and all sellers are certified and known identities with an extensive background of quality and experience. The seller for the lot remains fully responsible for the products or services to be delivered.

6. How are calculated the shipping costs? 

The Shipping costs are defined by the Sellers. Each Seller determines what are the fees for each lot according to the lot’s characteristics and their shipping companies’ counterparts. Differences in shipping costs may also result from the various possible shipping methods (registered, insurance, difficulty in shipping to remote regions, overseas, etc). Also, the seller may add a surcharge to the fee in order to cover packaging costs.

7. What does it mean the ‘Deposit Bidding’? 

Some of our high value objects need to have a deposit money as a guarantee before joining the bidding to ensure that you are really interested in the product. You will be informed of this by a notification above the bid block on the right-hand side of the auction page that states ‘Deposit bidding needed’.

An extra bidder guarantee requires the user to provide their credit or debit card information so that the bid may be properly confirmed. At this time, it is only possible to secure your bid using the cards mentioned such as MasterCard, VISA or other cards accepted.

For the Deposit Bidding needed the system will hold the amount of USD1,000.

The system is only to secure the amount in question, and it will not be withdrawn from your account, it is only subject to a temporary hold on the funds. The outcome of your deposit is dependent on whether the auction is won, lost or payment is not provided.

If you are the winner of the lot which you have provided the deposit, your credit card will be credited directly towards your open invoice. After this stage you may follow on your payment page all information and will be able to pay the remaining balance on your purchase using our accepted payment methods.

In the event you have provided the deposit but have not won the item being auctioned, the deposit of your bid amount will be removed, and the funds will be made available once again in your account. The amount of time it takes for your funds to be made available depends on your bank or financial institution.

Should you win an item you have provided deposit for, but payment is not provided within the allowed payment period, you will receive notification that the sale has been cancelled due to non-payment. When this has occurred, please contact our Customer Support team so we may set up your refund for the sale. For items which are cancelled due to non-payment, your deposit will be refunded minus the invoiced auction fee of 9% for the transaction.

8. Automatic Bids information 

When you place an automatic bid, The Auctionist system will automatically raise your bid by the smallest amount required to ensure you remain the highest bidder. This way, the system will continue to outbid any other bidders up to the maximum amount you’ve indicated. You won’t have to keep checking the auction and placing bids. The purpose is to be following the lot you are interested in even if you can’t be following online during the final stages of an auction.
If you place an automatic bid that is higher than the reserve price, your first bid will automatically match the reserve price.

You’ll only lose out if someone outbids your maximum automatic bid.

9. Is it possible to have two identical highest bids? 

If there was an automatic bid placed by an earlier bidder. The automatic bid may be the same as a manual bid by a second bidder. It may also be the case that two automatic bids of the same amount were placed. In both cases, the (automatic) bid that was placed first will be listed as the highest bid and will be winner in case it is last amount bided.

10. A lot with a reserved Price, how does the Automatic bid functions? 

– The automatic bid is higher than the reserve price: the amount of the reserve price will be the first bid displayed and the automatic bid will remain active.

– The automatic bid matches the reserve price exactly: the amount of the reserve price will be the first bid displayed – therefore the automatic bid will have reached its maximum and will no longer be active.

– The automatic bid falls below the reserve price: the maximum amount of the automatic bid will be placed as the only bid – therefore the automatic bid will have reached its maximum and will no longer be active.

The Auctionist will always let you know the status of your bidding.

11. My Automatic Bidding can be altered?

You can’t lower your automatic bidding amount. Whether it’s a regular bid or an automatic bid, you can’t lower or cancel a bid you’ve placed on a lot.

You may increase the limit though, by increasing the limit of your automatic bid. You just need to place another auto bid by entering your new maximum and clicking the button ‘Increase’.

12. Reserve Price 

A Lot with a reserve price (RP) is a hidden minimum that the seller is willing to sell his lot. It is not shared before the end of the Auction.

If you place a bid on a lot with an RP and your bid falls below the RP, you will be notified immediately. Your bid will be shown in the bidding history. If you place an automatic bid that is higher than the RP, the first bid will automatically match the RP.

If you place an automatic bid which falls below the RP, the full automatic bid will be placed and show in the bidding history.

13. I am not able to make a bidding, why?

If you are not able to bid for a lot, it is possible that there are outstanding payments.

If you have not paid for a lot you’ve won within the designated timeframe. As all bids are binding on The Auctionist, you are required to purchase any lot you win. When you win a lot, we will send you multiple payment reminders and if you do not submit your payment in time, your account will be blocked from bidding & buying.

You can consult on your ‘My won lots’ page under the ‘Unpaid’ tab.

Any outstanding unpaid orders you have will be presented here. If your order has been cancelled, you are still required to pay the auction fee (9% of the winning bid).

Once payment for any outstanding invoices has been processed, you may start bidding again. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please be aware that it may take up to two working days to process your payment and restore your bidding rights. We therefore recommend using one of the direct payment options available on our online payment page.

If your account has been blocked and you would like more information, please contact us.

14. Can I withdraw or cancel a bid? 

If you made a bid, you are not able to cancel it or withdraw it. Each bid placed on our system is binding and will remain so unless it is outbid. If the lot concerned was fixed with a reserve price, that lot will not be auctioned off unless its reserve price has been met.

If you end up being the highest bidder and you win the lot, you are required to pay for it. You are able to make this payment on your ‘My won lots’ page under the ‘Unpaid’ tab. If you do not make this payment, you will be blocked from placing any further bids on the Auctionist System.

15. Why Am I not able to place a Bid? 

To start bidding in the Auctionist you must have your account activated. Please check if you have confirmed your registration using the link in the confirmation email & confirmed your verified phone number sent to your phone.

To place a bid, you must sign into your account on the top right-hand corner of your screen. If you are signed in the page should show your username there.

Finally, your bid will not be accepted if it is invalid. ‘Invalid bid’ messages can occur when the amount entered is not high enough, when the amount entered includes a

16. Payment methods 

When you are the winner of a lot, you will be able to pay immediately on your ‘My won lots’ page and then going to the ‘Unpaid lots’ tab. You will also receive an email containing a link to the payment page. It’s possible to select out of several payment options:

– Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express others

– Bank Transfer

If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact us.

Please note: If you have any issues using your credit card, you can remove or add a credit card in your page under “payments”

I have won a lot. How do I pay?

When you have won the lot, you will be able to pay immediately on your ‘My won lots’ page. You will also receive an email containing a link to the payment page.

You may make payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), bank transfer or by using one of the following online payment methods.

17. Why can’t I pay seller in cash? 

We have a very secured method of payment and to avoid any unforeseen situation the system requires payment online so that everything is registered and documented. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment for lots. Only after you have transferred the purchase price and buyer’s commission will the seller be asked to ship the lot or prepare the lot for pickup in case required.

18. Can I make payment from abroad? 

You may make payments from anywhere in the world. This can be done by credit card or any of the other online payment methods.

19. Do I pay auction fees?

Yes, the buyer pays 9% of auction fees of the winning bid. This 9% is inclusive of VAT. This means that the buyer will pay the buyer’s commission to the Auctionist. The applicable VAT to the relevant tax authorities will be paid by the Auctionist. The applicable rate of VAT is the rate applicable in the country where the buyer is based. The buyer will see the applicable rate on the commission invoice from The Auctionist. Regardless of the applicable VAT rate, buyer commission will never be more than 9%.

20. Do I have to pay customs fees? 

Orders may be subject to customs duties, import taxes and fees levied by the buyer country, levied once a shipment reaches the recipient’s country if lot is abroad. Such additional charges must be fulfilled by the buyer. The Auctionist has no control over these charges, nor can predict what they may be.

Sellers are not responsible for any additional customs charges or fees once their package has left their country. If you are unfamiliar with customs fees and charges, please speak to your local postal or customs office for more information.

Be aware that you cannot receive your lot until customs charges are paid. If for any reason customs fees are not paid, your package will return to the seller. If the seller agrees to ship the lot back to you, you will need to pay the customs charges and for the return shipping costs.

21. Why do I still need to pay if my order was cancelled? 

On the Auctionist, all bids are binding. You can find all information in our Terms & Conditions and is something you agree to when bidding on a lot. If you didn’t pay on time or decided to abandon the lot your order will be cancelled. Nevertheless, you are still obliged to pay for the auction fee (9% of the winning bid).

You are able to make this payment on your page ‘My won Lots’ under the ‘Unpaid’ tab. If you do not make this payment, you will be blocked from placing any further bids at the Auctionist.

22. Where can I find the receipts for my payments? 

For the items you’ve paid for, you can find your receipts by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Go to ‘My won lots’.
  3. Click ‘Paid’.
  4. Below the order details, you’ll see your receipts with a breakdown of your payments.

23. I have not yet received my lots, Why? 

If you have already paid for your lot and have not yet received it, it can be due to various reasons.

If the seller lives in a different country to you, shipping might take longer.

As soon as the seller ships the item, we’ll send you an email which you can use to track it. You can also track it in the order details. This will give you an idea of what stage of the shipping process it’s in and whether it’s been held up at a particular stage.

You can also check the estimated shipping time in your item’s order details to see when you can expect it to arrive.

If you can’t find the tracking information or it’s taking longer than the estimated shipping time, reach out. We recommend contacting us to let us know.

That way, we can make sure your payment doesn’t go through to them until all issues are resolved.

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